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CLIENT: Zanzi Wit –  Dutch Bargain

Type of work: Branding, Promotional
Realisation: 2022


Because he likes beer a lot, Dylan asked Forevernever to design a sleeve for the collaboration-beer between Dutch Bargain and Zanzibar. A super exclusive beer meaning that it would only be sold at the Zanzibar in Middelburg. 

It should reflect the style of the Zanzibar, which meant a lot of tropical leaves and plants, some ingrediënts, and a blast of colour. 

It would get sold in a four-pack with some stickers as a goodie in the four-pack, so maybe we could design these as well? 

Hell yes! We love beer, we love colour, we love stickers, and we love designing these kinda items! 

As a bonus we also got a couple of beers, to taste and they were marvelously good!