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CLIENT: Sip First

Type of work: Illustration
Realisation: 2022


To celebrate the 4-year existence of Sip First, we were commisioned to make a custom piece of decoration.

There was no brief, but the only thing that should be clear, was that the two cornerstones of Sip should be clear. These are great food, and fantastic coffee. The take time is the unofficial slogan of Sip. It reflects the fact that when you visit, you sit your ass down, order whatever wets your whistle and let yourself be taken care of.

The only thing you should do when you’re at Sip First is taking time to appreciate. Appreciate where you are, appreciate the food, the coffee, the ambiance, appreciate where you are in life and most of all appreciate the people who are around you (not literally of course, but you know those close to you)