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CLIENT: PierParade

Type of work: Branding, event branding, logo design
Realisation: 2022


Flatspot magazine, NINE YARDS skateparks and PIER15, decided to host their own festival which for which we designed the first ever branding. The briefing consisted of one sentence: Design total choas fitting for the finest cocktail of skateboarding, music and skateboarding culture called Pier Parade.

Sure thing! Let’s go colourfull, crazy and a little bit weird right? The design perfectly blends the total chaos that would ensue on the PierParade festival terrain, and still looks sleek.

The festival itself was a succes thanks to 30+ degrees, sun, sick tricks, madness, and Bokies Beerslide.

Words cannot describe the madness of the event but the chaos of the imagery was a perfect fit for it.