Oh man, what to do when your favorite summer hangout asks online if anything is missing at their location? You reply yelling DARTBOARD! The funny thing is they received a lot of questions if they had a dartboard available the year before. PIER15 totally forgot about it but we didn’t! 


We designed a metal ring around a dartboard surround which was in touch with the skateculture that is PIER15 , and has the right ‘chilling-at-the-bar-drinking-beers-and-want-to-do-something-sporty-but-not-to-sporty vibe. 

We added some illustrations in the metal ring to spice it up and give it its own distinction. The text which reads: “Don’t drink and dart” which is self-explanatory. There are to many drunk people darting and hitting friends.


It has its own style yet seamlessly blends in with the PIER15 vibe. Head on over and throw some darts!