Leukste straatje van Breda

In collaboration with Lisa Stax (www.lisastax.nl) we did the branding for a variety of shops located in the St. Annastraat in Breda. 

The St. Annastraat is anatmospheric street in the heart of Breda since 1580. Nowadays it is a street filled with entrepeneurs, craftspeople and a small bar. Everyone has his or her own specialty. 

During the corona-lockdown of 2021 we were asked if we could think of a way to highlight their collection and maybe highlight some nice items for christmas or the end of the year. We came up with a countdown on social media in which we could highlight a different entrepeneur with a little promotion or special. This was done in a new brand with soft colours fitting with the theme of the end of the year. 

On the first slide we would tell the name of the shop. The second consists of a text with the openingshours and the call to action of the aforementioned shop. On the last slide we would show more inspiration where we would connect back to other business in the St. Annastreet. 

The contrasting colour blocks in the page were derived from the letters of the St. Annastreet.