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CLIENT: Koken met Dyllus

Type of work: DTP, Creative Copy, editing
Realisation: 2022


In Wil je menu? Jack Dylan Priem takes you by the hand to make sure that even you as a gigantic disaster in the kitchen will be able to make some tasty dishes.

We filled this cookbook with recipes that anyone who know how to read can make by themself. In addition to that we even added some ready-to-use menu’s you can use to surpirse your tinderdate or your friends.

Or how about the delicious anti-hangover lunches you need ‘cause you’ve been drinking like a dockworker the night before? Dylan helps you out with a delicious, sturdy lunch packed with flavour and an lil’ angel on your tongue.

Every recipe makes you wonder: “fuck, why haven’t I put some pots and pans on the furnace and started cooking earlier?

This cookbook is packed with recipes even the worst home-chef could make without burning down the house.

In summary the best, and one of the easiest cookbooks around, and since we’re dutch, it not expensive!

Order it via the link below:
Start cookin’!