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Type of work: Branding
Realisation: 2024


Who doesn’t love fries? Love ‘em even more when we get free reins to brand it in a distinctive style!

So we made JACK’S Frietwinkel an important player in Middelburg’s (NL) fast food game. Not just because we love some fries every now and then, but mostly because the Fries from JACK’S Frietwinkel are out of this world. Not just some fries with a bit of sauce, no sir.

It is crunchy goodness coated in love and a special sauce. It are snacks created with the most attention to detail you’ve ever seen and it is amazing.

The vibe we were looking for was an easy going, clear, full of humour yet distinctive style which was easily translated through multiple pieces of media. From the tone of voice till clothing and even napkins, everyhting was branded in the JACK’s Frietwinkel style.