Even though sometimes I’ll be a creative powerhouse.

For my fulltime job I work for more commercial clients which you’ll be able to see below.

Signing for the showroom of Traprenovatie Nederland. Based on the existing logo. Also via this link you’ll be able to see a magazine made for customers or potential clients of Traprenovatie Nederland

Release package for Sunstar Connect –
Sunstar Connect was meant to convey how the attitude of Sunstar Japan was a core principal in the mentality of the personnel in Japan. 

It consist of 8 employee guidelines and 6 manager guidelines. It’s all meant to form a cohesive team mentality in a team. The entire branding and combination between the existing Sunstar brand and the new Sunstar connect was thought up and created by me.



Varia of imagery for the online symposium Let’s Talk Oral Health hosted by Sunstar. This is al made in the Sunstar brand guidelines. Via this link you’ll be able to see it in use. 



Branding for the open doors day of the Wolfert Lyceum in Berkel and Rodenrijs. There was nothing for such an event and the only requisite was that it could be used for more events than just the open doors day. So it should be branded as the Wolfert Lyceum, but not have the usp on it which make it a Daltononderwijs school. I came up with a playfull branding in which the kids and the classes, the way of teaching would be central. Every banner should also be working in itself, so even if they were spread out across the area they would still be recognized as something from the Wolfert Lyceum  

Wouter came to us with the question if it was possible to create some logo’s for his company. Ofcourse, we said! The only problem was that he had 3 different companies and they should all have the same style of branding, and it should be clear that they belonged to the same person. The companies specialized in different aspects those being:
Interim Management
A Bed and Breakfast
And an overall holding.

So we came up with an abstract icon which incorporated a smile, a saw, the sunset and the overall holding, which we turned for clockwise for to represent the aformentioned items.

VSVK had a logo designed by someone else, but contacted us to create the signing and branditems. Based on the logo we came up with a clear routing in the brandcolours of VSVK. We used the V in the icon of the logo as a directional arrow in the signing on the compound.

Desk calender for teachers at the Wolfert Dalton school. These teachers would see in the blink of an eye what was expected of them, and what to expect from other teachers / the students.


The illustrations have been made by one of the teachers at the school. Previous versions worked with pictures as is visible below, and had multiple pages as was the basis of the  idea to start with. 

A map which describes how to become dalton student at the Wolfert Lyceum. This is a specific sort of student who is much more independent and knows how to help others or ask for the help that is sometimes needed. They can also pick some more specific programs in which they get the opportuintiy to develop their own skill set in subject that they tend to have an interest in. For instance programming, baking or an extra language.