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CLIENT: Bad Habits Caffeine Club

Type of work: Branding, concept, illustration
Realisation: Ongoing


The BHCC (Bad Habits Caffeine Club) is the brainchild of Sebastian van den Berg and Lodewijk Hoet. Lodewijk was the chef at Sip First and he came up with the idea to have a jacket personalized with: “something like fuck decaf, but you’re creative so i’ll leave it up to you!”. 

Well you only have to say that once, fuck decaf is not entirely my cup of tea, so I decided to create a club. A club for all those people who love coffee, yet don’t care that much about the “proper” way to pour it. Thus the Bad Habits Caffeine club was born. 

It is an ongoing project, everytime i think of something that would look cool on a shirt, jacket, sweater or something like that. I’ll make it and design it. Sooooo, you can expect a lot more of the designs on the site from now on!